almost everything i do is a mistake or an accident. the primary skills i have are an active imagination and the ability to capture cool mistakes. i make almost nothing i set out to make. i have no idea what marks will be made or what colors i will end up using. the paintings tell me what to do.

while i sometimes use brushes to apply paint, i prefer other means. sticks, fingers, cardboard and other objects provide much more satisfying results.

my paintings usually have a lot of texture. the texture comes from tar, wax, cement, dirt, trash and other materials.....but mostly, for me, texture comes from making layers and layers of paintings i don't like......keeping some elements (maybe) and painting over others. this unintentional stratification is usually magnified by my destructive reactions to what i have already painted. so that's my process.

i would love to know what you think. send me a note. be specific if possible.

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